The True Greatness of March Madness

For years my AKA March Madness newsletters have been loaded with slam dunk highlights or whacky tournament game endings, Gopher and Badger rah rah and NCAA Tournament bracket buster bewilderment.  But the real messages that deserve to be highlighted are those of character development through sport.  No, seriously!

Take for example Geno Auriemma, who will go down as the greatest college women's basketball coach and who has recently gone viral again having voiced such a worthy character message that I wish I would have listened to when I was younger.  

Au contraire mon frère... Make no doubt about it, my mom and dad tried to instill this message and many other character messages into me through countless attempts of sit downs and car rides but I think it is fare to say I, like many 'know it all' youth athletes, was difficult to understand and truly respect how important these messages all were.  

My hope today is that you share these type of viral messages, these video press conferences and lessons with your kids in sport and that once again, sport matters!  Parenting of the modern social media era... you can't go wrong!

Enjoy the Madness of March! 

All the best, Good People.