Keeping kids active through sport!

Incorporated in 2004, AKASPORT was created to provide multi-sport programs and camps for kids.

Our mission is to provide a fun and safe environment to keep kids (and their families) active through sports, fitness, and recreation.

AKASPORT currently offers summer camps, school programs, and community events designed for kids (and families) to spend their time playing a variety of sports, making friends, learning healthy lifestyle skills, and attending fun and educational events and field trips throughout the Twin Cities and the Midwest. 

Keeping kids active through sport seems like such a simple concept, but competitive youth sports have become too competitive. And what gets lost is the the process is fun. 

Sports helps kids develop their physical skills while learning life lessons about teamwork and good sportsmanship; however, the number of kids under the age of 10 that play, train for, and compete in only ONE sport all year long is rapidly increasing. And this is what inspired us to create AKASPORT.

The relentless pursuit of a single sport is very stressful for kids. It deprives them of opportunities to engage with a wider range of kids and try new things. And most importantly, it takes the fun out of the game.

We believe that exposure to multiple sports and active events (including music and the arts!) encourages kids to try new things, meet new people, learn bigger lessons, and find healthy activities they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.

AKASPORT is a 501(c)3 Minnesota Nonprofit Organization.