See what the AKA All Sports Camp is all about!

Boys & Girls Entering Grades 1st-6th

June 10 - August 30, 2019

2019 Summer Locations

Adrenaline Sports Center, Ramsey

Centennial High School, Circle Pines

Hopkins Pavilion, Hopkins

National Sports Center, Blaine

The AKA All Sports Camp features a different sport and field trip each week and works with local professional and amateur sports organizations to provide the ultimate sports experience.

Days are divided in free play, focused sport play and instruction, lunch time, relax/reading time, and more.
Drop off is between 7-9am and pickup is between 4-6pm. Programs and instruction are between 9am-4pm.

Two ways to enjoy your summer - Our discounted FULL SUMMER packages include 10, 11 or 12 weeks of your choice out of 12 weeks of programs. INDIVIDUAL WEEK registration allows you to choose just one or any number of our 12 weeks that best fit your schedule!

  • All registration includes the scheduled field trip of the week- no need for additional registration or payment!

  • Full Summer & Individual Week programs are eligible for a 7 or 12 week payment plan with 15% down payment.

  • Individual Field Trips will be posted in February and are available for guests to attend for a flat fee of $45 each.

  • All weeks and field trips listed are subject to change.


The All Sports Camp may include the following sports. Actual sports vary by session and location.

  • Archery

  • Badminton

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Broomball

  • Cricket

  • Curling

  • Dance

  • Football

  • Golf

  • Gymnastics

  • Hockey

  • Lacrosse

  • Pickleball

  • Soccer

  • Softball

  • Swimming

  • Taekwondo

  • Tennis

  • Volleyball


Details about All Sports Camp sessions and Individual Sport Weeks are posted beginning in November each year.  You can also visit the AKASPORT profile on Active.com to register.

Program Times

Doors Open

Morning Sessions

Afternoon Rest & Games


The All Sports Camp is for kids entering Grades 1-6 and is available for the full 12 week summer. The discounted Full Summer package includes 10, 11 or 12 weeks of your choice or you can simply register for individual weeks.  Take advantage of the Full Summer Discounts!!

For kids entering Grades 7-9, see Speed of Play.

  • Holiday Early Bird Discount (Nov.1 - Dec. 31)

  • New Year Early Bird Discount (Jan. 1 - Feb. 28)

  • 10-week Standard Full Summer : $2,100-$2,200

  • Individual Sport Week: $195-$235

2019 Camp Schedule - Blaine.png
2019 Camp Schedule - Adrenaline (1).png
2019 Camp Schedule - CSA.png
2019 Camp Schedule - Hopkins.jpg

For assistance with registration, please see our Registration Directions and how to add lunches/complete forms.

Orientation Packets: Adrenaline (Ramsey) | NSC (Blaine) | Centennial | Hopkins

**UPDATE (12/20/2018)**

AKA Adrenaline - NORTHWEST Twin Cities residents… Check this place out if you haven’t already! Will be a perfect summer location for anyone in the RAMSEY, ANDOVER, ANOKA, CHAMPLIN, DAYTON, ELK RIVER, OSTEGO, THREE RIVERS COMMUNITIES!!

AKA Centennial - The Centennial School Levy passed!! What does this mean for AKA? Well we had a clue this was coming and fortunately for the Centennial Schools Sports Community, they will begin working on reworking the Centennial Sports Arena (Hockey/Skating) from late winter 2019 through the summer meaning we will shift over our Summer Camp space to the East Gym and surrounding classrooms and cafeteria space. Thanks to Centennial Community Education, this will work out well for AKA’s future on the Centennial Schools Campus. Do not hesitate to reach Chris if you have questions!

AKA Hopkins - Melissa Elsen, Camp and Field Trip Director will be leading the Hopkins Pavilion location.  We are so incredibly excited to get started in this newly revamped facility in the wonderful Hopkins Community.

AKA Blaine - As usual… we are so proud and fortunate to be on the National Sports Center Campus. So much going on at this largest, yes, still the largest amateur sports facility in the world! By the way, through 1 month of registration we are close to 70% full for our summer programs. Get your registration in today!

Full Summer registration is available at discounted rates for 10, 11 or 12 week packages. 

NOTE – when you register for Full Summer you will have the option to select weeks you would like to attend.  You do not need to make this selection during registration for Full Summer Packages and all of you will be encouraged to go into your account come Spring to make your official week’s selection.

Let us know if you have any questions!  Looking forward to AKASPORT’s 15th Year of operations and our biggest and best summer yet!

***Greater emphasis on elite sports training/clinics in 2019 for athletes who are ready to excel in their sport!

The AKA All Sports Camp will forever be kid's best summer camp option to try out new sports and games and to have "fun". However we want to continue to challenge advanced and "Elite" players in their chosen sports.

Therefore we will be putting greater emphasis on "Elite" sport athletes in the making, by providing more advanced, more competitive training/clinics in 2019 for chosen campers!

With a selection of our professional staff and partners, AKA campers will have the opportunity to choose the "Elite" tag on weeks they want to get the most out of advanced training and competition.

Much more to come. Feel free to reach out to us with questions (info@akasport.org)