Hustlin' Down a Dream

The leaves seen through my window pane
Remind me that it's time to move my life again
November sun is felt by none
A chilly breeze has blown my thoughts to what's to come

... JB & Mikey

Sometimes you've just got to put it out there...  Go Get it People!
(bump #1 to @CaseyNeistat, I borrowed your sign, big thanks!)

Before mentioning that Registration is Now Open for 2018 AKA Summer Camps, I just wanted to check in and show everyone that I am alive and well.  (Sorry for the photo above...tip toeing towards a future in more appealing sound-tracked video blogging.)  Fully recovered from my most hectic (so many synonyms, which one to choose) AKA and coaching year to date, I'm back.  Now we go. 

In this, recovery period, and yes, those who know me know that that is my sole mission for September and October (that and planning and coaching and wishing my QB still had his collarbone in tact), I have honed in on motivation speakers, getting after life and one word, Hustle.  (Hat tip #2 to @garyvee)

We hear it all the time but I'm somewhat losing faith in, or more subtley, losing touch with those of us, especially in the Midwest, who actually live to the Hustle.  "Life's short", "Chase your Dreams", "Don't Stop get it get it" and on and on but how many of you and to what degree are you all actually pursuing this?  If so, reach me anytime, please.....looking to start a new club of unstoppable proportions.  @topherschulzmn

Anyways...November here we are.  Let's go.  Since 2012, November 1 has marked the start of a new cycle for AKA programming which registration for the following year programs going live.  We look forward to serving hundreds of families in 2018 and what I will tell you is that what is about to happen with AKA might actually get your attention.  We're going places with better programming, better coaching, more programs, more schools and more personal attention to the kids, to the people, to the quality of life through sportTrust me. 

Before I leave you to all get after it today... a special thanks to the Coon Rapids Ice Center and all their staff for three years of operations at your beautiful facility.  It has been a pleasure operating out of your space...Thank you!

Keep me updated on what you are all doing to stay active this fall and winter.  More programs and ideas coming soon.  Thanks for reading.... all the best, CS

AKA Chris