The Unsung Heroes of AKASPORT

Your Company Is Only As Extraordinary As Your People

So much goes into building a dream.  The amount of work and energy that goes into starting a program or product in business is immeasurable but the time and passion put into keeping that business going is beyond what you could ever imagine. 

So....long winded as usual... with the understanding that your business is truly only as great as the people who embody the mission of your organization, those who go above and beyond to see the company succeed and to make your customers happy, I present to you the Unsung Heroes of AKASPORT.

Coach Jack 2.jpg

John "Coach Jack" Wachlarowicz
AKA Outdoors and Archery

For over 6 years, Jack has been working with us to introduce Archery, Fly Fishing and Geocaching, to name a few.  We have big plans to grow these programs throughout the Twin Cities in the next several years (for adults too!)

Woody over 10 years with AKA.jpg

Al "Woody" Stauffacher
AKA Broomball and Ice Sports partner for over 10 years

Woody and his USA Broomball volunteers have helped us out for a very long time though it seems like yesterday.  Thank you, Woody, for all your time spent in growing this uniquely exciting program on ice for hundreds of kids!

Harris fam.jpg


Mike Harris - Board member & Chair

Mike with his wife Laura
and their two sons, Will & Lou



Jeff Oakman - Board member & Treasurer

Jeff with his wife Angela
and their two sons, Dominic and Alex



Nick Vedder - Board Member & Events Consultant

Nick with his wife Micah
and their kids, Ryland, Elise & lil Frank


And of course...what would I do without my fun loving Snap happy Staff! Big ups to all!

And of course...what would I do without my fun loving Snap happy Staff! Big ups to all!