2016 AKA Summer Wrap

What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us.  And when we bring what is within, out in to the world...Miracles Happen!


2016 AKA All Sports Camp - Unforgettable! 
(be sure to see the AKA Summer video at the bottom)

We had an incredible summer.  We really did.  For me, personally, what comes to mind is the pace at which AKA programs move, how quickly the summers go and how much these kids are able to play and grow. 

As I've said before, AKA is not for everyone (though I wish it were) so I will not stop until I can provide it in a comfortable setting for everyone.  I believe sport is and forever will be the perfect vehicle to promote active lifestyles, provide life long memories and to teach so many of life's important lessons.

AKA summers are intense in pace and jam packed with activity for all who take part. Through the countless hours of instruction, games and making new friends, my goal remains to keep everyone safe, everyone active and above all everyone having fun!  (did I mention the video below?!)


Throughout the 2016 AKA summer, many mastered the cartwheel, many broke wooden boards, we all conquered the upper deck of Target Field and we made countless friendships with kids and staff.  We all took part in the Summer Olympics, 14 theme sports and countless games and exercises.  The daily amount of physical activity averaged over 8.75 hours for a total of 337 participants!

I cannot thank our partners enough...from Healthy Bites with our meals to our field trip vendors, our outside sports instructors to our sponsors.  We could not do this without you.  And of course, thank you Parents and Staff... your enthusiasm and mentorship for these kids is everything! 

As the 2017 AKA All Sports registration period is just around the corner (November 1 for Holiday Early Birds), I am excited to say that we will be adding more AKA locations.  There is an enormous vision for AKASPORT through All Sports Camps, After School programs, community offerings and charitable work.  A lot of work ahead...but in the meantime, again, thank you all for taking part in AKASPORT programs.  All the best, CS