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The after school hours are crucial times for kids to develop good habits and to avoid bad choices. Statistics show that the hours between 3 and 6 p.m. are the peak hours for juvenile crime and experimentation with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and sex.  However, statistics also show that after school programs produce multiple benefits for youth, including improvements in children's personal, social and academic skills, as well as their self-esteem. (afterschoolalliance.org)

We know there are numerous benefits to kids participating in after school programs and AKASPORT brings the added benefit of keeping kids active for the recommended 60 minutes a day to reduce the risks of obesity related illnesses. We want to ensure that every child has a safe and fun place to play, learn and grow after school. 

AKASPORT designs active sport and fitness enrichment programs for Elementary and Middle schools. We design and administer a skills and games curriculum, bring the equipment and train our staff to make these programs educational, enriching, and a ton of fun!

Programs include soccer, lacrosse, archery, basketball, floor hockey, golf and more!

Current Programs


Coed, Grades Pre-K - 8



Coon Rapids Middle School
Archery: Grades 6-8, Tuesdays starting 9/19

Johnsville Elementary
Multi-Sports: Grades K-5, Mondays starting 9/23

Jackson Middle School
Lacrosse: Grades 5-8, Saturdays starting 9/30

Hamilton Elementary
Multi-Sports: Grades K-5, Tuesdays starting 10/3

Sandcreek Elementary
Basketball: Grades K-5, Tuesdays starting 11/7

Hamilton Elementary
Archery: Grades 3-8, Wednesdays starting 1/31

Oakview Middle School
         Archery: Grades 3-8, Thursdays starting 3/22          Archery: Grades 1-4, Mon-Thurs starting 7/23     Archery: Grades 5-8, Mon-Thurs starting 7/23

Franklin Elementary - AKA Tykes
Preschool Sport Sampler, Mondays starting 4/16   Preschool Soccer, Mondays starting 4/16

Spring Lake Park


Northpoint Elementary
     Multi-Sports: Grades K-3, Wednesdays starting 11/8        Basketball: Grades K-3, Tuesdays starting 1/23   Golf: Grades K-3, Tuesdays starting 4/24

Park Terrace Elementary
     Multi-Sports: Grades K-3, Mondays starting 11/13          Basketball: Grades K-3, Mondays starting 1/22   Golf: Grades K-3, Thursdays starting 4/26

Woodcrest Elementary
        Multi-Sports: Grades K-5, Thursdays starting 11/6             Basketball: Grades K-5, Mondays starting 1/18   Golf: Grades K-5, Wednesdays starting 4/26


Minneapolis public


[Coming Soon]

          Jenny Lind Elementary - Multi-Sports                    Lucy Laney Elementary - Multi-Sports            Loring Elementary - Multi-Sports


AKA Outdoors

Spring Archery Club, Tuesdays 4/17-5/22, Open to Grades 3-12

Need program support?

AKASPORT has been providing after school sport and fitness programs for over 6 years at select schools of all types including public, private, charter, and Montessori schools. 

If your school or organization would like us to provide active programming or if you have questions, please fill out the form below!

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